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Located just north of the Twin Cities, in Minnesota, Larsen Dirtworks prides itself on being family owned and operated.The core values of relationship, integrity and honest workmanship stand behind everything we do.

Our priority is customer service. When it comes to the things that matter most, our vision is clear. We will do everything we can to nor only make your project look great and run smooth but to be accurate and on time.

Fifteen plus years of custom soil blending experience along with a new two-bin blending machine makes it possible for Larsen Dirtworks to accurately blend components into one consistent product time after time. A screen deck makes it possible to eliminate any oversize unwanted material. Once the mix is formulated, we can make it again as many times as it is needed years later.

With the same fifteen years of experience in soil screening combined with a new 4x8 screener makes Larsen Dirtworks able to make any soil that is needed. We can come to any site and screen the soils that were excavated and screen it out to be reused as back fill or topsoil. By screening all of the over sized materials out of your soil, you then have a much better soil without rocks or sticks.

Larsen Dirtworks also had a small crusher so that we are able to crush rock, concrete or asphalt. We can combine this crusher with our screener and produce recycled concrete or asphalt just like you could by at your local gravel pit.

Larsen Dirtworks equipment is small enough to be moved into almost any site, but also big enough to do even the biggest jobs. We are able to screen/mix any job from 10 cubic yards and up.

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